Tourism Technology Resource Library

The summer season is finally here, and that means the focus on social media marketing that was so prominent in the winter months has stepped back to ensure the spotlight is on operators delivering remarkable and authentic experiences to guests. That being said, it’s important to continue online efforts so that followers and potential guests know what you’re up to. offers a resource library that highlights best practices across a variety of technology topics, including social media. From the comfort of your own home, you can take in these resources and gain a better understanding of many topics, such as the do’s and don’ts of Twitter in Twitter & Tourism 101 & Twitter & Tourism 102. If you have great photos, Instagram for Tourism Businesses provides great tips for sharing visual content. Of course, Facebook continues to have the most active users, and 3 Ways to Maximize Your Exposure on Facebook can help give you an idea of how to share your business story and connect with your followers.

This summer season’s tourism tech tip is to engage with your guests personally in order to share their experiences digitally. Encourage them to tag your business, your location, and your hashtag (if you have one) online. Guests who are engaged with your online marketing efforts create great user-generated content.  You never know how close your next guest is to clicking on your business!

To learn more about various tourism and technology learning opportunities, or to discuss what options best fit your business, please contact Jennifer Brown.