Our Goals

Our Goals

Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador, the provincial Tourism Industry Association, advances growth in tourism through advocacy, skills & knowledge development and membership opportunities.

Hospitality NL Vision Statement

Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador – One source for tourism growth and development.

Hospitality NL Values


Hospitality NL believes that the industry’s sustainability for future generations is of utmost important. The preservation of our province’s natural and cultural integrity, and the economic sustainability of our businesses and organizations are vital to this end.

Whole Industry Perspective

Hospitality NL recognizes, respects and responds to the diverse needs of our rural and urban members operating various types of businesses and organizations.


Hospitality NL believes that our environment is our most valuable tourism asset and an essential component of the tourism industry’s future. We are dedicated to the sustainable development of our natural and cultural resources and the protection of our environment.


Hospitality NL believes technology is an enabler. We encourage and support our members in the integration of technology to support their growth and profitability.


Hospitality NL is committed to assisting our members, regardless of where they are located, to obtain the resources and tools they require.



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