Membership Fees

The membership fees for Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador are structured according to the sector in which you operate, as well as the size of your operation. Please see the current fee structure below.

Accommodations (Hotel, Motel, Cabin, Cottage, Vacation Home, Inn, Resort Chalets) $235.00 + HST, plus $5.76/unit or room to a maximum of $1720.40 + HST
Bed & Breakfast $235.00 + HST
Food & Beverage (Restaurant, Lounge, Catering, Food & Beverage) $235.00 + HST
Outfitter $235.00 + HST
Tours (Adventure Tours, Tour Operator, Boat Tour, Tours) $235.00 + HST
Private Parks/Campgrounds $235.00 + HST
Attractions (Ski Club, Historic Sites, Hiking Trails, Agri-Tourism, Golf, Arenas/Centres, Theatre, Amusement Park, Natural Attractions, Attractions) $235.00 + HST
Festivals/Events $235.00 + HST
Small Business/Retail/Consultant $235.00 + HST
Transportation $587.00 + HST
Supplier/Corporate $587.00 + HST
Affiliate (Any person or organization not actively involved in the tourism industry, but in tourism/hospitality development i.e. regional development associations, government departments, etc.) $336.00 + HST

Value Added Membership Structure

Hospitality NL’s mission is to ensure our members are receiving the most value possible from membership and feels it is important that all members be represented appropriately to reflect their contribution to the tourism industry. As such, we offer a value added membership option by providing the opportunity to register secondary businesses under parent member organizations (i.e. a restaurant, lounge or gift shop within a hotel). Offering industry members the ability to register all entities of their business operations will provide a better reflection of the makeup of our members and provide the promotional value our members deserve.

In addition to the regular annual membership fee charged to the parent business, a $50.00 charge will be implemented for the registration of secondary businesses (up to a maximum of three secondary businesses for only one fee). Hospitality NL’s membership services team is available to answer questions about how members can maximize on this opportunity. For more information, please contact Hospitality NL’s Membership Coordinator, Susie Greene.

Payment Options

Please pay online or send payment to:

Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador
71 Goldstone Street (Suite 102)
St. John’s, NL
A1B 5C3

You may also pay by credit card over the phone by contacting Hospitality NL at:

Tel: (709) 722-2000
Toll Free: 1-800-563-0700
E-mail: hnl@hnl.ca
HST Registration #: 108 124058


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