Strategic Direction #6

Strategic Direction #6
Marketing Our Brand

Newfoundland and Labrador’s ‘Find Yourself Here’ campaign has been hugely successful in positioning the province as a unique and exotic destination. Having continued to win major national and international awards, the campaign has brought unprecedented levels of awareness of Newfoundland and Labrador in our target markets.

Our target remains on the explorer market – sophisticated travellers looking for a natural and exotic experience ‘off the beaten path’. A visit here is a chance to meet our people, to interact with our dramatic and remarkable landscape, and to experience the creativity of our culture first-hand. The marketing campaign showcases who we really are – a natural, yet surprisingly exotic destination that goes beyond the packaged, ‘plastic’ tourism experience of so many other destinations. It is the combination of our people, our culture, and our dramatically rugged landscape that gives Newfoundland and Labrador its unique position as a tourist destination.

We need to build on this success and convert interest into increased visitation. The marketing partnerships that have been created amongst tourism partners and individual tourism operators have enabled us to leverage our collective time and resources. Our marketing and research efforts have given us a good understanding of travellers’ needs and wants, and their destination decision-making criteria. It is now up to us to provide them every opportunity to move easily through the path to purchase so more of those interested in visiting arrive on our doorstep. By using new marketing mediums and taking advantage of technology to reach travellers in mobile friendly ways, we must leverage the excitement we have created.

In addition, it remains important to equip our tourism industry and individual operators with the necessary brand tools and marketing support to reinforce the brand at all levels of visitor engagement, and translate into the development and expansion of consistent experiences that meet visitor expectations.

Delivering a consistent brand message and experience at all levels of the tourism sector will help differentiate Newfoundland and Labrador from competing tourism destinations. Providing potential travellers with the chance to react immediately to the emotions our marketing stirs within them will move us further towards the visitation levels required to meet our 2020 goals.


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