Strategic Direction #5

Strategic Direction #5
Tourism Technology

Technology plays a vital role in the way business is conducted. Leveraging technology can enable competitive advantage and our economic success as a leading tourism destination.

Technology is ever-changing and has become an absolute necessity in meeting traveller needs. The use of mobile devices impacts the way travellers research and book travel, but also how they navigate and make plans once they arrive at their destination. Over the last number of years, advances in broadband infrastructure have strengthened travellers’ ability to use technology throughout the province. Continuing to develop the infrastructure to ensure all parts of rural Newfoundland and Labrador have available Internet access for business development, as well as traveller use, will be important.

The re-launch of TourismTechnology.com and the launch of the provincial Skills and Knowledge Action Plan will enable tourism operators to access technology information and training through various programs and mediums. Now, more than ever, tourism operators have the ability to implement technology strategies that will have a direct impact on their bottom line from engagement, to purchasing, to experience delivery.

Connectivity within the industry is essential. Without it, our tourism sector cannot remain competitive in the rapidly changing online environment. Increasing technology infrastructure and encouraging tourism operators to adopt technology best practices will enable effective linkages among all stakeholders.


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