Participate in Business Motivations/Energy Efficiency Study at University of Toronto

Dr. Laurel Besco, Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto, is seeking participants to complete a 10-minute survey regarding business motivations and energy efficiency. Note: participant access closes May 30, 2018. 

The three main objectives of this research project are:

  1. To better understand what motivates companies to undertake environmental actions (specifically focused on energy efficiency) and whether this is different in Canada and the United Kingdom. I am also interested in understanding whether avoiding norm violation is a different motivation than undertaking CSR actions;
  2. To understand what energy efficiency actions are common within the hospitality sector, and
  3. To determine whether any of these can be considered a norm of the sector.

Knowing what businesses like yours think will make a big difference in understanding how to make policies and regulations more straightforward and efficient. Your participation is essential to the success of this research.

Please click the following link for additional information and access to the online survey.

U of T Research Study