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Why you should be a part of Hospitality NL.

Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador has been at the forefront of the provincial tourism industry for over three decades. Its work on behalf of members and the industry has played a crucial role in developing the tourism industry into the flourishing economic driver that it is today.

As a member of Hospitality NL, you can take pride and satisfaction in knowing that you are a part of a group that has your best interests in mind. Your membership will provide you with countless benefits through our:

  1. constant advocacy efforts,
  2. innovative educational tools and resources,
  3. communication networks,
  4. discounts on numerous services and products of value to your business.

For more information, please see our membership benefits.


Hospitality NL members are from a broad range of sectors within the tourism industry, covering the majority of the province in their operations. Similar to the organization, our members are leaders and innovators in their sector.

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Membership Benefits

The benefits of joining Hospitality NL are almost as varied as our current members. But it’s all about what you want to get out of it! We find that members who start off by getting to know other members, quickly learn the countless ways to gain value out of Hospitality NL membership.

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Join HNL

Becoming a member of Hospitality NL requires an application process, which establishes that your organization is qualified for membership. View the categories of membership to explore the various types of organizations that qualify as Hospitality NL members. Then, simply fill out the form below. Hospitality NL will be in touch shortly to gather additional information, if necessary, and/or inform you about your membership status!

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2017 Membership Fees

The membership fees for Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador are structured in regards to the sector in which you operate, as well as the size of your operation.

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Pay Online

Now you can pay your HNL membership online through a convenient form.

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Member to Member Discount Program

Hospitality NL’s goal is to advance the growth of the tourism industry through advocacy, professional development and membership. But as a business, Hospitality NL understands that it’s all about the bottom line. The following discounts are available to Hospitality NL members. For more information on how to access these discounts, please contact Hospitality NL’s Membership Coordinator at 1-800-563-0700 or

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    Located at St. John's International Airport with services throughout the province.

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