2024 Nominees

Listed alphabetically by last name

Robert Bartlett

Owner/Operator, Trinity Ecotours and Lodge, Trinity

Educational Background: Secondary School

Number of Years with Current Organization: 15 years

Core Responsibilities with Current Organization: 

Responsible for experience development and execution, day to day operations and management of staff and resources.

Previous Work Experience: 

Have worked as a commissioning engineer in the power plant field in various capacities east and west coasts of Canada.

Additional Volunteer Activities (Boards, Committees, etc.): 

Currently Member-at-Large on the Legendary Coasts of Eastern Newfoundland board of directors.

Tell us why you would like to serve on the Hospitality NL Board of Directors: 

I have been a member of Hospitality NL for 12 years. I believe in the value of this organization for promotion of tourism experiences, organizations as well as advocating for the province as a premier tourist destination. The cooperative nature of the organization with its members, stake holders and the liaison with the provinces tourism department makes it a formidable asset in the tourism’ experience provider tool kit. I encourage all in the tourism industry to become members.

Andy Broomfield

Quality Hotel & Suites, Gander

Educational Background: Business Management and Accounting- College of the North Atlantic

Number of Years with Current Organization: 8 years

Core Responsibilities with Current Organization: 

General Manager of 4 Steele Hotels in Gander.  Overseeing of daily operations of each property.  Maintaining current business while trying to come up with new ideas and ways to create new business while keeping top level customer service levels.

Previous Work Experience: 

  • Controller – G.J. Cahill Ltd. St. John’s NL 1998-2001
  • General Manager/Controller – Breakwater Fisheries Ltd. Cottlesville NL 2001-2015
  • Controller – Steele Hotels Gander/Corner Brook 2016-2023

Additional Volunteer Activities (Boards, Committees, etc.): 

  • Treasurer – Lewisporte & Area Minor Hockey Association 2017-Present
  • Trainer/Coach – Lewisporte & Area Minor Hockey Association

Tell us why you would like to serve on the Hospitality NL Board of Directors: 

Being part of a team that works to make Newfoundland’s hospitality industry thrive would be a great honor. I bring to the table my financial background and previous experience, along with new ideas to make this dream a reality. Greatness is achieved not by individuals, but by strong, dedicated teams that work together. I want to be a part of such a team for the purpose of growing and prospering Newfoundland

Renee Collins

Owner/Operator, Hare Bay Adventures, Hare Bay

Educational Background: BA- Archaeology and Folklore, post grad- Heritage Resource Management, BAdmin

Number of Years with Current Organization: 6 years

Core Responsibilities with Current Organization: 

Owner operator of Hare Bay Adventures gift shop, cafe, and tours. Day to day running and operating business, including HR, client services and marketing.

Previous Work Experience: 

  • Administrative management at Churchill Health Centre
  • Substitute Teacher and Teacher learning assistant

Additional Volunteer Activities (Boards, Committees, etc.): 

  • Current Hospitality NL board member
  • Past Executive on Shore Tourism Association board
  • Parent council member with William Mercer Academy

Tell us why you would like to serve on the Hospitality NL Board of Directors: 

I served on the Hospitality NL board the past 4 years, and would like to continue working to make tourism better.

Carol Ann Hayes

Co-owner/Sales & Marketing, Iceberg Quest Ocean Tours, St. John’s & Twillingate

Educational Background: Voc Ed., RN, Information Technology

Number of Years with Current Organization:  25 years

Core Responsibilities with Current Organization: 

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Recruitment & Training
  • Top Level Management

Previous Work Experience: 

  • Registered Nurse
  • CSTC Sales Agent

Additional Volunteer Activities (Boards, Committees, etc.): 


Tell us why you would like to serve on the Hospitality NL Board of Directors: 

Fortunately, my life is fully immersed in tourism & hospitality and has been for 25 years. For a quarter of a century I have worked diligently and passionately to build our business, Iceberg Quest Ocean Tours Inc. with my husband, Capt. Barry Rogers.

This business of selling Newfoundland and Labrador over the decades to the world has always felt the same yet different. It never got old …just better.
Until now.

Tourism is in the recovery process in this post-pandemic world. There are now new, larger challenges that are felt across the board in every tourism business and product offering regardless of size and success.

I want the very best for this place I call home, Newfoundland and Labrador. I am open and I am willing to assist in any way possible with these challenges.

Becoming a Hospitality NL Board Member in 2024 is a great place to dig in, offer my services and affect positive change.

Jessica Holmes

Owner/Operator, Arbour Restaurant & Lounge, Bay Bulls

Educational Background: BA

Number of Years with Current Organization: 1.5 years

Core Responsibilities with Current Organization: 

As the owner and operator of Arbour Restaurant and Lounge, I have a wide range of responsibilities that are essential to the success and sustainability of my business such as leadership, financial management, and day-to-day operations.

Strategic Planning: I engage in strategic planning to set the long-term goals for my business. This involves market analysis, identifying growth opportunities, and adapting to industry trends to ensure the continued relevance and competitiveness of my business.

Financial Management: I am responsible for budgeting, financial forecasting, and ensuring the financial health of the business. This includes managing cash flow, monitoring expenses, and implementing cost-effective measures.

Community Engagement: Actively engaging with the local community is a priority. I have initiated and supported various community outreach programs, establishing Arbour as a valued contributor to the community.

Adaptability and Innovation: I consistently explore new culinary trends, implement new marketing strategies, and invest in technology to enhance guest experiences.

Previous Work Experience:

My previous work experience encompasses both the corporate sector and hospitality industry, which has given me a comprehensive understanding of the operations of both large and small business environments.

At Enterprise Holdings Inc, I served as an Account Manager, where I refined my skills in providing exceptional service. This role required a keen understanding of customer needs, effective communication, and problem-solving skills. I played a significant role in ensuring customer satisfaction and fostering brand loyalty.

I also bring valuable insights gained from various roles within the restaurant industry. My experience extends across the entirety of restaurant operations, instilling in me a deep appreciation for the importance of teamwork, adaptability, and customer-centricity.

Volunteer Activities:

As the sole owner of Arbour, my primary focus up to this point has been establishing my business while fulfilling my responsibilities as a parent to my 2-year old daughter.

Given these commitments, I have not been involved in additional volunteer activities, boards, or committees. However, as my restaurant has flourished and my daughter has reached a more independent stage, I am now in a position where I am eager to extend my involvement beyond the confines of my business and family life.

While I have not volunteered on other boards, my dedication to the success of my restaurant is a testament to my ability to manage responsibilities effectively. The experience of steering my business through its start-up challenges has equipped me with valuable skills in leadership, decision-making, and strategic planning.

Serving on the Board of Directors aligns seamlessly with my professional journey and personal values, and I am ready and willing to make the commitment to this opportunity, and I am confident that my unique perspective as a business owner and parent, along with the skills honed in these roles, will be valuable assets to the Board of Directors.

Tell us why you would like to serve on the Hospitality NL Board of Directors:

I am deeply passionate about the hospitality industry, and my journey as the owner of Arbour has only amplified this passion. It is this passion for the customer service industry, coupled with an intrinsic desire to effect meaningful change, that motivates my interest in serving on the HNL Board of Directors.

While my time in the industry as a restaurant owner may be shorter than some, I bring a fresh perspective, an eagerness to challenge conventional norms, and an openness to finding innovative solutions. I am confident that as a newcomer to the business landscape, I can infuse the board with new ideas, creativity, and a willingness to explore unconventional paths to success.

I’ve witnessed firsthand the challenges and opportunities that define our industry. I have a genuine understanding of the intricacies involved in delivering exceptional guest experiences while navigating the evolving hospitality industry.

I aim to be an advocate for all businesses within the hospitality sector. Serving on the HNL Board of Directors presents an opportunity to channel my passion for customer service and my drive for change into actionable strategies and policies that can positively impact our industry.

Cathy Lomond

Owner/Operator, Hotel Port aux Basques, Port aux Basques

Educational Background: Memorial University – Business Diploma

Number of Years with Current Organization: 25 years

Core Responsibilities with Current Organization: 

As the owner/operator of the business and I work wherever I am needed. After 47 years in this industry staff know they can call on me for anything.

Previous Work Experience: 

I have worked in the tourism industry for 48 years. I have managed two other hotels prior to owning my own for the last 25 years.

Additional Volunteer Activities (Boards, Committees, etc.): 

2024- 09      Community Advisory Committee- Western Health Appointment
2024-13       Tourism Southwest – (Treasurer) Stakeholders Group Levy Collectors
2023-18       Long Term Care Resident Advisory Committee -Western Health
2022-19       Hotel Association Canada – Provincial Representative
2022-19       Hotel/Motel Association Appointment
2022-19       Hospitality Newfoundland & Labrador Board Member
2018-14       Western DMO
2019-07       Gateway Curling Club- Board of Directors – Secretary
2021-17       Canada Select Grading Association – Current Chair
2015,2010    CHY2015: Come Home Year Port aux Basques-Chair
2015-08       Atlantic Provinces Restaurant Association – Chair

Tell us why you would like to serve on the Hospitality NL Board of Directors: 

I would like to serve on the board because I think after  years of owning my own tourism operation I have gain knowledge on both the strength, and challenges of surviving in today’s environments. I believe that as a tourism business I need to be involved in  decisions that impact the tourism businesses,  and the industry as a whole.

I have been a volunteer on many tourism industry related boards and have always enjoyed the camaraderie, and the results when all of us work together.

Rick Stanley

Owner/Operator, Ocean Quest Adventures, Petty Harbour/Conception Bay South/St. John’s

Educational Background: High School

Number of Years with Current Organization: 29 years

Core Responsibilities with Current Organization: 

Running Day to Day operations.

Previous Work Experience: 


Additional Volunteer Activities (Boards, Committees, etc.): 

Destination St. John’s and Legendary Coasts of Eastern Newfoundland

Tell us why you would like to serve on the Hospitality NL Board of Directors: 

So well connected over the years on the ground in many regions of our province, having set up shop and being a Parks Canada Partner. Currently serving with 2 DMO’s and have experience over the years on Hospitality NL Board. Also a two-time Sustainable Tourism Award winner for Canada along with many local and provincial awards as well. I do believe I help make a difference in Newfoundland Tourism by stepping up with Mentorships for other Operators as well!

Darrin Steele

Owner/Operator, Newfoundland Tours, St. John’s

Educational Background: Memorial University, Notre Dame University , College of North Atlantic, Keyin Technical College (Instructor Tourism & Business)

Number of Years with Current Organization: 33 years

Core Responsibilities with Current Organization: 

To Create, Provide and Sustain economic development in urban and rural areas of Newfoundland and Labrador through a network of International and National Buyers in the Airline, Cruise Line, Meeting / Convention, and Motorcoach Industry through www.NewfoundlandTours.com and our network of Local Tourism Stakeholders who are Suppliers of Accommodations, Transportation, Attractions and Activities since 1990.

Previous Work Experience: 

  • Executive Director of City & Outport Adventures Ltd. since 1993.
  • Tourism and Business Instructor for Keyin Technical College 1995.
  • Full-time Special Services representative for the Radisson Plaza Hotel 1989 – 1994.
  • Full-time Guest Services representative for the Hotel Newfoundland from 1986-1989.

Additional Volunteer Activities (Boards, Committees, etc.): 

  • Active Member of IATA ( International Air Transport Association ) since 1992.
  • Active Member of Music Industry Association /Music NL since 1990
  • Active Member of ECMA East Coast music Industry Association.
  • Active Member of COPA ( Canadian Owner Pilots Association )
  • Past Member of Avalon Convention Visitors Bureau / Destination St.John’s since 1995
  • Past Member of ACTA (Association of Canadian Travel Agencies and Travel Advisors since 1993
  • Past Member of Business Association of Newfoundland and Labrador since 1996
  • Past member of Cruise Industry Association of Newfoundland and Labrador since 1992
  • Past member of Cruise Committee of City of St.John’s

Tell us why you would like to serve on the Hospitality NL Board of Directors: 

It has always been a pleasure to promote Canada on a Global Market, the Atlantic Provinces on an International and National Network and all stakeholders in the Tourism Industry of Newfoundland and Labrador. The unwavering support and mentoring from the Travel and Tourism Industry and continuous support and mentorship from many leaders and advocates in the Federal, Provincial, and Municipal Governments and their many Regional Destination Management Organizations I have been blessed to have a lifelong career with passion and appreciation for all their support. Advised by many of my peers in the Industry that my network, knowledge and experience may be very valuable to the Hospitality Industry of Newfoundland and Labrador therefore it is my duty to giveback and serve on the Hospitality NL Board of Directors.

Ian Stone

Owner/Operator, Tour Gros Morne, Shoal Brook

Educational Background: B.B.A. Memorial University

Number of Years with Current Organization: 9 years

Core Responsibilities with Current Organization: 

Owner, operator and guide with Tour Gros Morne, Taste of Gros Morne and owner of Gros Morne Inn.

Previous Work Experience: 

  • Marketing Manager – Visit Gros Morne
  • New media officer – Parks Canada
  • Economic Development Officer – Regional Economic Development Agency

Additional Volunteer Activities (Boards, Committees, etc.): 

  • Past chair of Go Western NL
  • Past chair of Trails Tales Tunes Festival
  • Executive on Bonne Bay Search and Rescue
  • Past Director on Hospitality NL
  • Past Director on NL Tourism Board

Tell us why you would like to serve on the Hospitality NL Board of Directors: 

Having served on the board for the last 4 years as the province has transitioned throughout COVID and from Vision 2020 to Vision 2026, I feel it is important for the voice of the next generation of tourism operators to be heard. We have many challenges ahead of us to transform our province into an exceptional tourism destination and feel I bring a modern reality to the board table with experience across a variety of sectors.

Cindy Whalen Purtill

Owner/Operator, Georgetown Inn, St. John’s

Educational Background: College Degree

Number of Years with Current Organization: 5 years

Core Responsibilities with Current Organization:

Reservations, cleaning, cooking, greeting guests, financials, office manager – everything!

Previous Work Experience:

Event Planner; Office Manager; Personal Assistant to Financial Planner, Mom

Additional Volunteer Activities (Boards, Committees, etc.):

  • Board Member Innisfil Chamber of Commerce
  • Executive Director NL Rose of Tralee
  • Unit, District & Division Girl Guide Leader & Council Member

Tell us why you would like to serve on the Hospitality NL Board of Directors:

To give back & serve; to learn from and contribute to this industry & Province. To be more fully involved and share in the communal growth of NL Tourism.


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