Advocacy & Awareness

How can we raise awareness about climate change and its impending impact on the Tourism & Hospitality Industry?

1.) There is a need for jargon-free, clear communication on the subject in order that tourism industry interests can see the potential implications for their sector. (SOURCE)

2.) There is a need to understand that raising the industry’s awareness is a global issue, since almost every country has a tourism sector which is of importance in the national economy and has importance in inter-=sectional linkages. It will be important to ensure that tourism authorities and governments understand how their own industry and economy may be affected by vis-à-vis their current or potential competitors. (ONE GLOBAL INDUSTRY) (SOURCE)

3.) Action needs to be taken to deal with the time scaled involved. While climate change predictions of necessity cover the long term, the tourism industry tends to have much shorter time horizons, even in the context of physical investment in infrastructure. In order to engage the attention of the tourism industry, this gap will need to be bridged, perhaps by emphasizing that climate change is already having an impact on the tourism sector. (SOURCE)

Tourism as a Polluter

While concerns about tourism’s polluting effects covers all aspects of a tourist’s activity, the primary issue relates to travellers consumption of transport services, notably road and air transport. In the former case, there is clear evidence from major tourism destinations such as France, that the use of road transport by travellers contributes significantly to greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Therefore, it important that the Tourism & Hospitality Industry shares a responsibility to minimize harmful emissions by encouraging sustainable, carbon-neutral road transport solutions. (SOURCE)

The proportionate contribution made by air access transport to total GHG emissions is rising rapidly. There is evidence from countries such as the UK and New Zealand that carbon taxes of one kind or another are increasingly being placed on the political and environmental policy agenda. It seems inevitable that, at some further date, serious consideration will be given to additional environmental taxes or levies targeting the air transport sector specifically. When considering the control of the air transport sector for its emissions , the socio-economic impacts of the control measures on destinations should also be examined, as it can effect local economies especially in long-haul destinations in developing countries. (SOURCE)

Spreading Awareness

1.) Social media campaigns: Earth Day, Environment Week, Social Awareness Week, General awareness campaigns

2.) Community posters

3.) Sharing resources and information such as quizzes and activities

4.) Tourism Beyond COVID-19 Climate Change photo contest

5.) Share tourism sector / region specific perspectives

6.) Dedicated email campaigns

7.) Sharing information and implementing learning sessions


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