Transitional Support Program

Transitional Support Program for Smaller Employers Expanded!  

Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador is pleased to share that the Provincial Government has expanded the criteria for the Transitional Support Program for Smaller Employers, broadening eligibility and extending the application deadline.  

The program now provides short-term financial support to employers of 100 or less employees that employ minimum wage earners, offering $0.50 per hour for all hours worked at the minimum wage rate, from October 1, 2022 to September 30, 2023.  

It will provide two payments to eligible employers with 80% of the eligible amount upfront, and the remaining 20% after the covering period ends. Employers are required to submit documentation to the Province for both disbursements. Eligible employers can receive up to a maximum of $1,040 per minimum wage earner.  

Eligible employers are required to submit documentation to the Provincial Government for both disbursements.  

Program details and how to apply can be found here.

The application deadline has been extended to January 9, 2023.  

An application is considered complete once all required information and documentation have been submitted.  

For program inquiries, please call the Labour Standards Division at: 1-877-563-1063 or by email at