Travel Trade Readiness Toolkit

Building your Business with Overseas and U.S Visitors: A Toolkit on How to Work with Travel Trade

This toolkit was developed as a self-paced learning and diagnostic tool to help you answer these questions:

  • Am I ready for the international market? 
  • How can travel trade help build my business?
  • How will travel trade change how I do business?
  • Which travel trade partners should I work with?
  • How do I gain new travel trade partners?

This Travel Trade toolkit is designed to provide tactics, processes and best business practices on how to develop and expand your distribution, and ultimately, your business. The toolkit focuses on the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France and China markets. The information in this toolkit, combined with advice and assistance from your provincial tourism organizations (PMOs), destination management organizations (DMOs), tourism industry associations and tourism operators, will assist you in growing your business on the path to success.