Emerit Tourism Training

With Emerit training solutions, you can be confident that your employees will master the complete range of skills they need—skills that ensure repeat business, increased spending, more word of mouth referrals, and improved staff efficiency.

Training and certification programs from Emerit are recognized as the best training resources available to the tourism and hospitality industry. Developed by industry, for industry, Emerit delivers the collective expertise of Canadian and international tourism professionals.

Emerit Professional Certification

When employees are certified through Emerit, they earn a prestigious, national credential that identifies them as a true professional in their occupation, and recognizes the skills, knowledge, pride, and dedication they have brought to their career—and to your business.

Professional certification from Emerit…
  • raises professionalism and improves job performance,
  • increases employee job satisfaction and loyalty, and
  • reduces the costs of turnover and training.

Which means higher profits and a healthier bottom line!

Certifying employees through Emerit shows that your business is committed to providing the best guest experience possible–that you genuinely care about your customers, and about your employees.

Along with the National Occupational Standards, online learning and workbooks from Emerit provide excellent preparation for certification, but they are not required to be certified. Prior learning, past experience and knowledge gained while working in the occupation or industry are also valuable for those challenging the certification.

Emerit National Occupational Standards

Get on the fast track to success with Emerit National Occupational Standards! National Occupational Standards are manuals listing the skills and knowledge required to be successful in an occupation, and are available for a wide range of tourism and hospitality professions. Developed and validated by industry experts, National Occupational Standards represent what real employers look for in new hires, and reflect actual workplace conditions and current issues affecting the occupation. All Emerit training and certification products are built from the National Occupational Standards.

Emerit Online Learning and Workbooks

Training is available for dozens of occupations in easy to manage online modules so your busy employees can focus on the areas where they need to improve. For those who prefer a more traditional approach to learning, workbooks are also available.

Based on industry-validated National Occupational Standards, all Emerit training is focused on building real skills—not just memorizing information. Training from Emerit is flexible–it can be used in the workplace, in the classroom and for self-directed study.

Online learning offers the ultimate in easy to use, portable, and engaging professional development. Accessible anywhere, anytime, Emerit online learning is self-directed, enabling employees to learn outside of work hours, using the best approach for their learning style.

Best of all, no printing or shipping means no extra costs, access to training is instant, and the training is environmentally friendly!

View an Online Learning demo: Workplace Essentials – Module 3 – Developing your job search skills.

Emerit Train-the-Trainer Resources

Emerit Trainer Guides and Manuals are resources designed to help you implement your own in-house training programs.

Emerit Educator Resources

Educator resources from Emerit are designed to help your program meet industry needs with high quality content based on National Occupational Standards. Occupational standards are developed through consultation with industry practitioners, educators and experts, and catalogue the entire range of skills and knowledge required to be competent in an occupation. Tourism and hospitality curriculum that is benchmarked against National Occupational Standards produces professionals who are able to meet the needs of employers and enjoy successful, fulfilling careers in the tourism and hospitality trades.

Emerit Business Tools

Business tools from Emerit include real life examples, ready to use templates, checklists and other forms, and provide in depth information on business planning, HR management and much more. Available online and on CD, these tools save you time and effort, so you can focus less on planning and more on building your success.