Sensitivity and diversity training with emerit

Are your employees equipped to serve visitors from emerging markets?

As the growing middle and upper classes of economic powerhouses Brazil, China, Russia, and India enjoy more disposable income and more free time, they are travelling more and expecting memorable tourism experiences. In order to attract their business, Canadian tourism and hospitality employees will need to be sensitive to their distinct cultural and religious needs.

“Welcoming International Visitors” is part of emerit’s sensitivity and diversity training. These two page fact sheets are full of useful information on how to better serve visitors from Brazil, China, India, and Russia. Easy to use for sensitivity training and for quick reference, the factsheets cover nine hospitality related occupations, and are organized into three “solution packs” by industry group:

  • Food and Beverage: Includes factsheets on each country for Food and Beverage Managers; Bartenders, Food and Beverage Servers, and Banquet Servers; and Event Coordinators
  • Accommodations:  Includes factsheets on each country for Supervisors; Directors of Housekeeping; Front Desk Agents; Housekeeping Room Attendants; and Event Coordinators
  • Travel Services: Includes factsheets on each country for Tourism Visitor Information Counsellors; Tour Guides; Event Coordinators; and Supervisors

Don’t get caught unprepared to welcome this important–and growing–group of visitors. Get the resources you need to help your employees meet all guests’ expectations.

For more information, please visit or contact Hospitality NL’s Manager of Workforce & Industry Development, Juanita Ford.