Human Resource Management

Below are links to resources and programs to help you with your businesses or organizations Human Resources.


Reskill Project

Tourism Re-skilling for Non-Tourism Sector Workers is a research project led by Hospitality
Newfoundland and Labrador (Hospitality NL) and Tourism HR Canada (THRC) and funded by
the NL Workforce Innovation Centre (NLWIC).

Click Here for the final report.

HR Tool Kit

The HR Tool Kit is a comprehensive resource for businesses daily and strategic HR needs. Developed by human resource specialists and tourism professionals, it provides practical tools and resources perfect for anyone with HR duties in the tourism industry. With the emerit HR Tool Kit, businesses will develop a forward-thinking and tactical approach for handling resource allocations, recruitment and internal policies. The HR Tool Kit includes downloadable user-friendly, customizable templates and forms for job offer letters, training plans, employee manuals and much more. The self-directed training option gives you everything you need to select, recruit, hire, train, coach and manage employees effectively. Available at

Business Builders

emerit Business Builders

The Business Builders series includes practical, straightforward tourism business management information, tools, resources and templates. Ideal for entrepreneurs and small tourism business owners and operators, the CD explores the basics of business planning, development and management. The CD contains vital information that can be customized for the individual’s business needs: worksheets and checklists relating to advertising strategies, customer service and purchase orders, template files on balance sheets, cash flow and income statements and examples including business and marketing plans. Go to to find out more.