Research – The Effects of Climate Change

1.) Climate change is predicted to result in greater weather volatility and related risks to infrastructure. (SOURCE)

2.) Increased costs – primarily for fuel, will lead to the corresponding erosion of consumer demand for travel, and longer-term shifts in weather and climate will affect the value of different destinations. (SOURCE)

3.) Climate change will indirectly affect biodiversity, water resources, and changes to the landscape. (SOURCE)

4.) High-volume hotel and resort destinations will experience increasingly erratic weather, water scarcity, and changes in seasonality. (SOURCE)

5.) The stakes are particularly high for coastal and island destinations, which are more vulnerable to rising sea level, hurricanes, severe storms, flooding, water shortages, and beach erosion. (SOURCE)

6.) Delayed efforts to mitigate either carbon dioxide or short-lived climate pollutant emissions will have negative, and potentially irreversible, consequences for global warming, rising sea levels, agricultural yields, and public health. (SOURCE)


Greenhouse Gas Emissions by Sector, 2016

COVID-19 Interactions

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Social and Economic Impact of Climate Change


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