Service Best is a full-day workshop that assists learners to create memorable customer experiences, identify and respond to customer needs and turn dissatisfied customers into loyal fans.

By the end of the session, learners will:

  1. Use the techniques associated with Service Best service:
  • Perception is all there is
  • Everyone has a customer
  • Total Product Concept
  • Moments of Truth
  • How to W.O.W your customers

2. Use the techniques associated with the skills for service recovery:

  • Encouraging customer feedback
  • Handling difficult situations
  • 3R’s of Service Recovery

3. Use the techniques for developing and maintaining a Service Best attitude:

  • Communication
  • Identifying hot buttons

Cost per person:
Hospitality NL Members – $62.50 + HST per person
Non Members – $125.00 + HST per person

These programs were developed by Tourism Saskatchewan’s training and education branch, the Saskatchewan Tourism Education Council (STEC), working in partnership with a service industry advisory committee. STEC has been developing award-winning customer service training since 1990. STEC launched this workshop in response to the need for specialized training that contributes to professionalism in service delivery in all types of businesses.


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