About DDP

The Destination Development planning process is currently being rolled out throughout the province. Coming out of Vision 2020’s Strategic Direction #4 – Product (Experience) Development, the Destination Development process will assist in identifying the opportunities in each region of the province, how they may be linked, and what the priorities may be.

As an initiative of the NL Tourism Board, all partners are intimately involved with the Destination Development planning process with hired consultants, Richard Innes of BrainTrust Marketing and Communications and Nancy Arsenault of the Tourism Café.

The Destination Development planning process will take place in each of the five regions of the province – Eastern, Labrador, Western, Central and St. John’s. As each process unfolds, it is anticipated that unique opportunities for each region will emerge, as well as common themes that may provide a link between the regions and further opportunities to enhance the visitor experience.

Implementation of the findings and recommendations contained within each of the final reports is an extremely high priority for all partners. As such, an implementation plan will be developed which will include a strategic priority setting process to enable the identification of short-term and long-term objectives and priorities, including the development of an action plan to assist with implementation.

Using existing opportunity management (OM) processes and tools, such as those administered by the Department of Tourism, Culture, Industry & Innovation, an approach will be implemented that maximizes the information already gathered during phase one. Continued participation from industry will be critical. If you have any questions about how you can be involved in the Destination Development planning process for your region, please contact your regional Destination Management Organization – Destination LabradorGo Western NewfoundlandAdventure Central NewfoundlandLegendary Coasts of Eastern Newfoundland or Destination St. John’s.