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Do you work better in groups? Prefer to work alone? Unable to attend in the day? Whether you’re limited by time, program access or training requirements, you can choose a program that uses the training method of your choice.

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  • Food & Beverage Service

    This one-day workshop provides an overview of the knowledge and skills required by food and beverage servers. It will be interactive and practical, and you will be able to incorporate the skills immediately in your workplace. A must-attend workshop for new servers or for those interested in improving their skills! For more information contact Allie Bourden.

  • It’s Good Business: Responsible Alcohol Service

    This program will help businesses implement ways of reducing alcohol-related risk while maintaining or enhancing profits. This awareness program for servers and managers in licensed establishments covers information on the responsible service of alcohol to patrons. The training includes techniques to ensure guest safety during and after their visit to the business establishment and the effects of alcohol on patrons. The program is delivered in a workshop, by correspondence or through online learning. To find out more visit For more information contact Susie Greene.

  • WorldHost® Fundamentals

    An internationally recognized Customer Service and Tourism Awareness Training Program, WorldHost® is a seven hour interactive workshop that focuses on communication and customer service. This seminar examines peoples attitude to service and interactions with their customers. This program is for all businesses, organizations and individuals looking to improve their customer service skills. WorldHost® can elevate service and hospitality standards.  For more information contact Allie Bourden.

  • is a strategic partnership between the Tourism Atlantic branch of ACOA, the Atlantic Provincial tourism industry associations, and the Atlantic Provincial tourism departments to enhance the competitiveness of the region’s tourism industry through improved technology adoption. For more information contact Jennifer Brown.

  • Webinar Series

    Hospitality NL’s Webinar Series is learning resource developed for Newfoundland and Labrador tourism services and attractions to help enhance competitiveness, performance and profitability. Registration and participation is absolutely FREE! How Does It Work? Easy as … 1) Register 2) Login 3) Learn. For more information please contact Juanita Ford.

  • emerit Workbooks

    Boost confidence and productivity with Canada’s finest training resources! Created by professionals for professionals, emerit tourism training resources are designed to develop top performers and advance individual skill levels and marketability. With emerit training, tourism and hospitality staff gain the knowledge and confidence needed to deliver outstanding service—which means increases in repeat business, word-of-mouth referrals, and incremental spending by existing customers. All emerit training products are based on recognized National Occupational Standards and are designed to help candidates master the skills and knowledge required to pass the certification knowledge exams. emerit self-study training materials are adaptable – select the training resources best suited to your learning style or preferred method of training delivery. Learn more about emerit tourism training options today! emerit workbooks are self-study tools that go beyond the walls of the classroom. Academic knowledge forms the foundation while hands-on material authored by people who work first-hand in the industry builds on individual skill sets of people. Accompanying trainer’s guides are designed to be easy to follow with an emphasis on helping to deliver, follow-up, and evaluate training effectively. For more information or to make an order contact Juanita Ford. View Program

  • emerit On-Line Learning Programs

    emerit training resources are available online. Training is available for dozens of occupations, in easy to manage online modules, so your busy employees can focus on the areas where they need to improve. For those who prefer a more traditional approach to learning, workbooks are also available. All emerit training is focused on building real skills—not just memorizing information. Training from emerit is flexible–it can be used in the workplace, in the classroom and for self-directed study. Online learning offers the ultimate in easy to use, portable, and engaging professional development. Accessible anywhere, anytime, emerit online learning is self-directed, enabling employees to learn outside of work hours, using the best approach for their learning style. Best of all, no printing or shipping means no extra costs, access to training is instant, and the training is environmentally friendly! For more information or to make an order contact Juanita Ford. View Program

  • emerit National Occupational Standards

    Get on the fast track to success with emerit National Occupational Standards! National Occupational Standards are manuals listing the skills and knowledge required to be successful in an occupation, and are available for a wide range of tourism and hospitality professions. Developed and validated by industry experts, National Occupational Standards represent what real employers look for in new hires, and reflect actual workplace conditions and current issues affecting the occupation. For more information contact Juanita Ford. View Program

  • emerit Certification

    Build your competitive edge with emerit Professional Certification! Nationally recognized as representing the industry’s very best skills, knowledge and experience, emerit Professional Certification is the pinnacle credential for tourism industry professionals. When employees are certified through emerit, they earn a prestigious, national credential that identifies them as a true professional in their occupation, and recognizes the skills, knowledge, pride, and dedication they have brought to their career—and to your business. Professional certification from emerit 1) raises professionalism and improves job performance, 2) increases employee job satisfaction and loyalty, and 3) reduces the costs of turnover and training. For more information contact Juanita Ford. View Program

  • emerit Workplace Essentials

    This resource is for new entrants to the workforce, and those looking to refresh their skills. This training will help them master the foundation skills necessary for frontline professionals, covering skills such as customer service, time management, basic life management, and communications. Once completed individuals can complete the exam and achieve the Workplace Essential Certificate. This is recognized by employers across Canada and will give them a competitive edge towards gaining employment. For more information or to make an order contact Juanita Ford. View Program

  • emerit Workplace Essentials Certificate

    The Workplace Essentials Certificate is most useful in the pre-employment stage. It can also be very beneficial for individuals who are starting a new career in tourism or for new Canadians or foreign-trained professionals planning on immigrating to Canada and working in the tourism industry. For more information contact Juanita Ford. View Program

  • Canadian Academy of Travel and Tourism

    The Canadian Academy of Travel and Tourism gives high school students the opportunity to build the foundation for a tourism career while staying in school and acquiring the skills for life long learning and for work in the tourism industry. There are three levels that high schools can participate in: Level 1: is focused on introducing students to the tourism industry and gaining recognition for completing minimum requirements. Level 2: students have more involvement in tourism studies and additional criteria to complete for the recognition certificate. Level 3: the Gold Academy is the most comprehensive and spreads learning and participation requirements over three years. For more information contact Juanita Ford. View Program

  • emerit Train-the-Trainer Resources

    emerit Trainer Guides and Manuals are resources designed to help you implement your own in-house training programs. For more information or to make an order contact Juanita Ford. View Program

  • emerit Learning Outcomes

    Select emerit occupational standards have been reformatted into a learning outcome style to better serve the needs of educators developing tourism and hospitality courses. Tourism educators can now download the Learning Outcomes and Elements of Performance at and use them to benchmark the skills, knowledge, and attitudes required from learners in tourism-specific professions. For more information or to make an order contact Juanita Ford. View Program


  • Discover Tourism

    The Discover Tourism career awareness program was developed to communicate employment and career opportunities in the tourism sector to a range of target audiences including Youth, New Canadians, Persons with Disabilities, Pre and Post Retirees.

  • Canadian Academy of Travel and Tourism

    The Canadian Academy of Travel & Tourism (CATT) focuses on building partnerships between education and industry in order to foster the next generation of Canadian travel & tourism leaders.