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7 Strategic Directions

To deliver on the ambitious target that the Newfoundland and Labrador tourism industry has set for itself, seven strategic directions will guide the way.

Strategic Direction #1

Private Public Leadership – A Partnership for Tourism Growth & Development

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Strategic Direction #2

Sustainable Transport Network – A Transportation Strategy to Grow Our Industry

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Strategic Direction #3

Market Intelligence & Research Strategy – A Framework for Accessible & Timely Research

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Strategic Direction #4

Experience Development – Delivering Strategic & Sustainable Traveller Experiences

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Strategic Direction #5

Tourism Technology – Strengthening Our Information & Communications Technology

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Strategic Direction #6

Marketing Our Brand – Leveraging the Success of Our Creative Marketing Campaign

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Strategic Direction #7

Developing Our Workforce – Growing Our People for a Dynamic Industry

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  • emerit

    emerit has been developed by the Canadian Tourism Human Resource Council (CTHRC) in collaboration with tourism industry professionals. It has become synonymous with excellence, credibility, and professionalism in the Canadian tourism sector. For more information go to www.emerit.ca.

  • Discover Tourism

    The Discover Tourism career awareness program was developed to communicate employment and career opportunities in the tourism sector to a range of target audiences including Youth, New Canadians, Persons with Disabilities, Pre and Post Retirees.

  • Canadian Academy of Travel and Tourism

    The Canadian Academy of Travel & Tourism (CATT) focuses on building partnerships between education and industry in order to foster the next generation of Canadian travel & tourism leaders.