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Management Program

It’s Good Business Management Program

Upon successful completion of the test participants will receive a certificate of completion for the management program.

About the Program

The It’s Good Business (Newfoundland and Labrador) program is about changing views of alcohol service in the tourism/hospitality industry.

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Responsibilities and Risks

An important change facing the industry is an increasing number of successful liability suits against licensed establishments.

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Alcohol Effects

If you can spot trouble signs before a problem occurs and act to avoid it, you have taken the most important step to reducing liability.

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Potential Alcohol Issues

One of the goals of responsible service is to keep people from becoming intoxicated (markedly diminished physical and mental control resulting from consumption of alcohol and/or other drugs).

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Minors and Show Your Age

Some establishments deal with the issue of underage consumers constantly. Getting into a trendy bar is a major goal for some young people.

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Strategies for Business Success

This program talks about managing your bottom line, and about managing your practices for alcohol service. You will be asked to think about factors like the types of beverages you promote, your pricing structure, your food menu, your image with the patrons and the relationship between your staff and the people they serve.

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Duty of Care

This program has asked you to think about the role of alcohol in your business plan, and the need to set up special policies for responsible alcohol service.

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