Role & Duties of Board

The role of the Board of Directors is:

  1. Strategic planning: shape strategic direction, clarify vision, mission and mandate and engage actively in strategic decision-making and policy decisions;
  2. Ensuring leadership and resources: select, evaluate and develop Chief Executive Officer, ensure adequate financial resources, lend expertise and provide access to people such as political or community leaders for the benefit of the organization; and
  3. Monitoring and improving performance: oversee financial management, ensure appropriate risk management, monitor performance, ensure accountability and improve board performance.

Hospitality NL’s Board has three officer positions, Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary/Treasurer, elected by the new Board of Directors. Hospitality NL’s Chief Executive Officer handles the administration of the organization.


The directors and sector representatives are collectively the representatives of the entire membership and are charged with the responsibility of exercising visionary leadership; establishing values and goals; setting policies and procedures; creating value in the programs and services to the benefit of the members; supporting Hospitality NL employees and volunteers and respecting them as partners in advancing the mission of the association.

Directors shall:

  • Help frame Hospitality NL’s values, vision, and mission;
  • Help to identify the priority needs of the members and the resources required to achieve them;
  • Assist in formulating and establishing strategic plans, goals, and the annual budget;
  • Adopt programs to carry out the mission and goals;
  • Monitor the execution of the policies of the board, and the goals and programs of Hospitality NL;
  • Be positive in communicating board decisions to members, staff, and the public;
  • Promote the programs and services of Hospitality NL to members, prospective members, the public and to other stakeholders;
  • Comply with the by-laws and policies of Hospitality NL and ensure compliance by others;
  • Identify and understand emerging issues and opportunities which are compatible with Hospitality NL’s goals;
  • Prepare for and attend meetings of the board in their entirety;
  • Review and understand the Hospitality NL’s board briefing documents and minutes, policy manuals, official publications, and related orientation resources;
  • Support the programs of Hospitality NL;
  • Measure the performance of fellow volunteers and the Chief Executive Officer based upon the approved goals and priority actions of the board;
  • Evaluate and follow up on actions taken at meetings of the board; and
  • Fulfill any assignments as committee member, board liaison, or other duties as mutually agreed.
Board Meetings

There are 8-10 meetings of the Board of Directors each calendar year. However, as needed, the Board of Directors may call additional meetings. At least three meetings per calendar year are permitted to be conducted by such means as telephone or other communication method. Additional Board meetings may be conducted by such means if permission is obtained from members of the Board of Directors.

Hospitality NL endeavours to ensure that Board meetings are held throughout the province. Despite these efforts, each meeting typically requires travel for some Board members. Teleconferencing is also available for board meetings and will be reimbursed under the same guidelines as other expenses.

Expense Payment Policy

The Association will cover the costs Board members incur under the following guidelines:

Board Members At Large/Officers – 100%

Sector Representatives – 100%

Resource/Appointee Board Reps – 100%


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