Current Strategy

Current Strategy

Our current strategy, as outlined in Uncommon Potential: A Vision for Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism (Vision 2020) is aimed towards the sustainability and growth of our members and the tourism industry itself.

Vision 2020

In 2009, a ten-year tourism strategy, Uncommon Potential: A Vision for Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism (Vision 2020) www.uncommonpotential.com was launched. Hospitality NL was instrumental in the establishment of the visioning process for the tourism industry in Newfoundland and Labrador participating in the consultation process, the steering committee and playing an active role in the final Vision document.

Outlining the priorities to be addressed and providing a blueprint for extraordinary growth, Vision 2020 will enable all tourism stakeholders to continue to build a sustainable tourism industry, which is an economic driver for the province of Newfoundland and Labrador. Hospitality NL, industry and government have agreed on the priorities for tourism for the next decade. This unprecedented level of partnership and commitment will enable all organizations to focus their energies and efforts on common goals and objectives, ultimately culminating with a doubling of tourism revenues by 2020.

There are many barriers facing our industry, both real and perceptual, which must be addressed in order to grow our industry to new heights. Vision 2020 provides innovative actions and seven strategic priorities that help steer Hospitality NL’s advocacy efforts so that our members and the tourism industry at large can harness the vast untapped potential of our industry.

The seven strategic priorities are:

  • Private Public Leadership – A Partnership for Growth & Development
  • Sustainable Transportation Network – A Transportation Strategy to Grow Our Industry
  • Market Intelligence and Research Strategy – A Framework for Accessible & Timely Research
  • Product Development – Delivering Strategic & Sustainable Traveller Experiences
  • Tourism Technology – Strengthening Our Information & Communications Technology
  • Marketing Our Brand – Building on the Success of Our Creative Marketing Campaign
  • Developing Our Workforce – Growing Our People for a Dynamic Industry

Hospitality NL is steadfastly committed to achieving the Vision and to advocating on behalf of our members and industry in several key, strategic areas.

For more detail on these areas, please see our Policy Priorities section.


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