‘Kilted Chef’ takes residence in Gros Morne

Gros Morne is renowned for its natural beauty and for inspiring creativity. Many painters, writers, artisans and musicians spend time in this special part of Newfoundland, and now it is the turn of the culinary inclined. June 6 to 11 will see the inaugural Chef in Residence program take place, with the inimitable Chef Alain Bossé – AKA the Kilted Chef – leading a week of food, artistry and scenery to savour in and around the stunning national park.

The program has been organized under the new banner, Savour Gros Morne – a new addition to the Creative Gros Morne family. Creative Gros Morne drives the mandate of making Gros Morne a national centre for culture and creativity, inspired by and reflecting the natural environment. Savour Gros Morne seeks to extend this mandate to the world of food, drawing ingredients from the local land and ocean waters, inspiring culinary creativity and dishes to savour.

The intention is to grow the Chef in Residence program to an annual attraction and there could be no better choice to get the ball rolling than Chef Bossé. A colourful character, and a renowned culinary spokesperson and advocate, he is a bestselling food author, food editor for Saltscapes Magazine and past president of Taste of Nova Scotia. In 2011, he was named the first-ever Culinary Ambassador of Nova Scotia and for almost a decade he has brought his bon vivant personality to successfully represent Atlantic Canada in various initiatives to promote local food commodities.

Most importantly, Chef Bossé is a lot of fun! His passion for food is infectious, his dishes and attire memorable. (He’s called the Kilted Chef for good reason!) He has traveled around the world, including trips to South America, Europe, Asia, the United States and across Canada, giving presentations that are both enlightening and entertaining to chefs, future chefs and owner-operators on the use of Atlantic Canadian products and their flexibility.

Now, Chef Bossé will bring his expertise and enthusiasm to Gros Morne for a packed week of food-related fun. He will be joined by award-winning local artisans, including glass maker Urve Manuel and fibre artist Molly White, who have produced beautiful works that will be awarded as contest items to event attendees.

The schedule will see Chef Bossé travel to some of the most scenic spots in and around Gros Morne National Park and it is hoped that in the future, the Gros Morne Chef in Residence program will welcome renowned chefs from all over the world to encourage new culinary opportunities for the Gros Morne region. Each chef will bring with them their individual food journey, philosophy and inspiration that is often tied to the region of the world that they are from. This fusion of inspiration will hopefully lead to new ideas and business opportunities as new ‘foodie’ offerings are created for visitors to Gros Morne.

For more information, please visit www.creativegrosmorne.com and click the ‘Savour Gros Morne’ tab. Email darlene@grosmornetravel.com or call (709) 458-3605.

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