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Provincial Tourism Marketing Investment

In Budget 2013, the provincial tourism marketing budget was reduced by 30%.

In March 2013, the Provincial Government announced a 30% reduction in tourism marketing investment as part of Budget 2013. Hospitality NL immediately set to task to not only have the marketing investment restored, but to secure renewed commitments from the provincial government to Vision 2020 and the path towards it.

Hospitality NL’s Position
Hospitality NL is calling for swift reinvestment in the tourism marketing budget. While the tourism industry empathizes with tough economic challenges facing the province, Hospitality NL feels great urgency in ensuring that the province’s tourism industry does not lose momentum in key travel markets with the reduced provincial marketing investment allocated in Budget 2013 and in the ability to leverage substantial private sector investment in services and attractions, which are equally vital to achieving the industry’s collective Vision (Uncommon Potential – Vision 2020).

How will Hospitality NL achieve this position?

It was through a partnership between Hospitality NL and government that NL first established a competitive level of provincial marketing investment and developed Vision 2020. Hospitality NL’s goal is to reaffirm commitments for the next phase and move forward with a strengthened and stronger partnership.

By educating the general public and government officials about the significant economic contribution of tourism, coupled with our potential to grow and diversify the economy, Hospitality NL is changing the perception of our industry and proving the case for investment. Tourism offers one of the most stable, revenue-generating industries in Newfoundland and Labrador and helps create a great place to live, visit, work and invest. Culminating with a presentation to the Government of NL Economic Policy Committee in October, Hospitality NL worked diligently throughout 2013 to increase the awareness and understanding of our industry and its contribution to the economy and quality of life for residents.

On March 27, 2014, the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador released its 2014 Budget which included a two million dollar reinvestment into the provincial tourism marketing budget and a commitment for an additional two million in 2015.

Hospitality NL is pleased with the announcement and views this reinvestment as a step in the right direction towards growing the marketing budget to a competitive level.  Marketing is an essential component to the future success of the provincial tourism industry and Hospitality NL will continue to work with government to ensure the marketing investment grows to a competitive level to achieve industry’s collective vision of doubling annual tourism revenues by 2020.


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